Samstag, 2. August 2014

DAVE NACHMANOFF - one of the new heroes

Dave Nachmanoff at the House Concert…

Days ago the guy turned 50. Reason enough for a little present from the mother of the host……..

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Eike hat gesagt…

Ach, danke Thomas, dass wir auf diese Weise wenigstens virtuell ein wenig dabei gewesen sein können!
Wir hatten's zwar ganz toll in Wethen, aber mit blutet das Herz angesichts dieser Bilder und des Videos.

de-uiver hat gesagt…


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please welcome the philosophic poet laureate of songwriting, the custom voice of promise of folk music’s resurrection in the nineties, the dominator of the Just Plain Folks Awards of 2001 with a 3rd place for the best 30+ traditional Russian dance performance during an acoustic guitar solo, awarded the best new folk album of that year (and any year to come), best songwriter of the year, and a nearly unrivalled 2nd place in the non-competitive Nils Lofgren lookalike contention, who emerged to get found by Al Stewart and disappeared into a haze of Burgundy abuse, but suddenly stepped up and shifted gears, releasing the strongest music of his entire career, who embarked to seize the world and stranded in the back of beyond i.e. on this IKEA-carpet. Ladies and gentlemen, Troubadour recording artist:

Dave Nachmanoff!